Kolectic Treasures offers tanning booths to help you find that perfect skin tone you want. With all of the different types of tanning units available we were able to search through them and choose two that provide, what we feel, are the best results. We have a stand up tanning booth and a traditional lay down tanning bed. Many customers think that the only difference between the two types of units is the position the person is positioned. This is a common mistake as both types of tanning beds offer distinctive benefits when it comes to indoor tanning.

Tanning Bed Tans

The standard tanning bed is a lay down type. Some clients prefer the lay down bed because it is more relaxing and tans the skin slower giving it  a lighter color. One of the downfalls to the lay down type of bed is that customers need to occasionally turn over to achieve a more uniform tan. 

The second type of tanning unit that we offer is a stand up unit. The stand up tanning booth provides a more even tan over your entire body without the need to turn over. The UB rays are distributed in a 360 degree fashion giving a full tanning experience without the need to roll over or move around. Another benefit is that the stand up booth can provide a darker tan because the bulbs are more intense than the lay down version.


Depending on what your desired results both tables are easy to use. The lay down bed allows a tanner to relax and close their eyes, some even take a nap during their session. 

The stand up unit is usually used by the serious tanner. The client needs to stand in the booth with their arms above their head for the session. Many customers will meditate during their time in a stand up booth.

What ever choice you make or what your personal preferences are, we have a choice for you. 

Tanning Packages

If you enjoy using tanning beds and stand up units please be sure to ask about our tanning packages. We offer many types to make sure we have something for everyone. 

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