Kolectic Treasures Antique Market is dedicated to finding only the finest vendors available. Our vendors are hungry to learn new techniques and packing out booths to always be ahead of the game when it comes to booths and trends. Massage therapy is extremely important for body rejuvenation so our therapist has been hand selected to serve our clients. The massage room is designed to relax and transform the client so the stresses from the day, or week, melt away. Our Tanning Bed Packages are very low cost in town. We have amazing Stand up beds and Lay down beds, With so many different options available Gift certifactes. We love everything we do for our vendors and our customers. You Deserve It Right!!!!!

Mackenzie Henderson makeup artist
Make up Artist Mackenzie Henderson

Make-up Artist Phone: (256) 438-3580

kolectic Phone: (256) 644-5048

tanning picture
Kolectic Tanning Beds


Kolectic Tanning  Phone: 256-644-5048

Massage Therapist - Edward Alvarez
Massage Therapists

Technician Phone: 256-454-2558

kolectic Phone: (256) 544-5048

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